• Eiden

    Eiden: (In Greek) Idea. Seeing & believing with understanding

  • Services

    working collaboratively with the client across the following four pillars:

    Business Model

    Analyzing the business,

    focusing on performance.

    (Strategy, Research, Review)

    Brand Identity

    Understanding the essence,

    concentrating on the vision, values and brand attributes (Branding, Storytelling, Relationship & Experiential Marketing)

    People Experience

    Improving the service,

    ensuring seemless delivery across each customer touchpoint (Mapping, Service, Design Thinking)

    Permanent Innovation

    Improving the details,

    implementing methods to continue to grow and refine the goals of the business (Goals, Motivation, Team)

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  • “Design is not just about making things beautiful; it´s also about making things work beautifully” Roger Martin - The Design of Business